** From the SUPERVISOR

Kia Ora, Ni Hao, Namaste, Al Salaam a’alaykum, Hello everyone,

With Spring just around the corner, the music school is preparing for Term 4, when we host end of year concerts, performances, prepare reports and open up enrolments for 2020. Given the growth of the school and over 350 students across the school now attending lessons, we have decided to change the format of how students present a culmination of their learning and progress in music this year.

Towards the end of term 4, all parents and families will be invited to an ‘In Class Performance’. All students will have the opportunity to participate in a performance during a lesson (both Saturday and After School students).

We will host one Showcase concert, where our Orchestra, Choir and Concert Band will perform, plus items prepared by selected students of each tutor. At the end of the year, students will also be given a small report written by tutors, highlighting areas of progress, musicianship and knowledge of music.

Depending on progress, tutors will make a firm recommendation of which level class to go into in 2020. I am very excited about all these changes, we absolutely value music education at our school and will continue to find ways to improve.

The showcase concert will be an opportunity for all to share in the wonders of performance. My goal is to inspire more students to become involved in our performance groups as well as learning their instrument.

Please see a list of end of year dates below.

Enjoy the remaining term time!

More details to follow…



Saturday Classes Term 3 ends on Saturday 21 September

After School Classes Violin after school finishes Tuesday 17 September

Drums and Guitar after school finishes Wednesday 18 September

Piano, Keyboard, Ukulele and Recorder (Michael’s students) finish following week of 23- 27 September.


Saturday Classes Term 4 begins on Saturday 19 October.

After School Classes Piano, Keyboard, Ukulele and Recorder After school starts Monday 14 October.

Violin after school starts Tuesday 15 October.

Drums and Guitar after school start Wednesday 16 October.

Labour Weekend School is closed Saturday 26 October and Monday 28 October. No lessons.

Saturday 16 November Main Showcase Concert today at 2 pm sharp.

Saturday 23 November ‘In Class Performances’ held today during lessons.

Saturday 30 November Reports given out today.

Saturday 7 December Open Day and last day of Saturday lessons for 2019.


** Performance Groups are now on: ————————————————————

We are always looking for more Orchestra players! You do need to have had 2 years of tuition- Any instrument welcome – we would like more Violin, Cello, Flute. Please enquire at the office. ORCHESTRA at 9.15am in the Music suite Conductor this year is Rebecca Lee

CONCERT BAND is at 11.00am in Room 14 Conductor is Stefenie Pickston

CHOIR is on 10.15am in the Music suite. Conductor is Michael Greenwood. Accompanist is Gayathre Bhakhavan

** Enrolments 2020 ————————————————————

We have a waiting list of potential students for next year. If your children are current students, we will let you know when enrolments begin. Date in November TBA. Enquiries through the office in person on Saturdays or email office@mlmusic.school.nz If you have any queries or concerns with any aspect of the music lessons, please speak to me. I am only too happy to assist and ensure we have a fun and happy environment for your children to learn. Regards Michael Greenwood School Supervisor B.A. A.mus.A, A.IRMTNZ