‘Feel the Beat, Put a Rhythm in your Feet’

When: 16 and 17 January 2019

Where: in our New Music Suite at Marshall Laing Music School 39 Marshall Laing Avenue Mt Roskill

This 2 day Summer course will engage participants, away from the music stand, in movement games and group improvisation with a focus upon fostering security and internalisation of beat, and increased rhythmic stability; foundational skills for the performing musician.

Why use movement to learn musical concepts? 

Movement is inherent within music. When we respond to musical stimuli through whole body movement; engaging our senses and emotional self, we gain a ‘lived’ or ’embodied’ experience of the infinite variety of relationships of time, space, energy, weight, balance, and flow. Exploring music in such a dynamic way engages muscle memory and imagination, and enables secure internalisation and recall of musical phenomena. This, in turn ensures efficient use of energy when playing an instrument allowing for greater expressivity in performance.

How will the course be facilitated?

Participants will use their first instrument; their body and voice, alongside movement exploration, hand-held percussion instruments and their acoustic instruments to explore beat and rhythm through games and group improvisation, culminating in one or more group-devised movement-music creations.

Tools for speaking, reading and writing rhythm will also be explored, so that participants will be empowered to hear, read and write rhythms quickly and confidently.

Suitable clothing

Participants are advised to wear appropriate clothing for whole body movement. Jean material or tights with feet are not suitable.

Trousers or leggings, t-shirts, and an extra clothing layer which can be easily removed, are recommended.

Participants will move with bare feet in order that their toes can stretch, grip and use appropriate friction required for moving in quick and safe response to musical stimuli.

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Food and drinks

Participants are advised to bring a water bottle to rehydrate between sessions.

There will be a morning snack break and an hour for lunch.

Participants are required to bring their own food for these times.

Fees and commitment

Due to the group-work nature of this course and the progressive learning that will occur over the two days, a commitment to attend both full days is required.

Fees $90 for 2 days

Early Bird Discount ($85) if register before 8 Dec.

Please register on the website under Summer School

Registration will close 15 December

Please include child’s name, age and current instrument(s) being studied, and ensembles participating in, at Marshall Laing Music School.

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Lead facilitator; Marie Willis (Dalcroze Eurhythmics Certificate, P.G.Dip MTh, NZRMTh, BMus (Hons) ) Marie Willis

Marie has been engaged for over two decades in the fields of music performance, music therapy and music education; including working as a tutor for Marshall Laing

Music School for several years before taking a break to grow her family.

She is a passionate advocate for ‘active’ approaches to music education and learning; pedagogies that engage the whole person in experiencing music through movement and voice before any symbolic notation is introduced.

Marie holds a Certificate training in Dalcroze Eurhythmics enabling her to teach using this approach to beginners of all ages. Dalcroze Eurhythmics places great importance on creativity, self-expression and improvisation. It is a comprehensive and rigorous approach to musicianship which uses movement to develop a deeply personal understanding of musical elements and skills leading to musical artistry.