Keyboard Teacher

I was learning to play piano from about the age of seven. My mother played the piano accordion and used to play in a duo with another lady who played xylophone and my Grandfather played popular piano in the English pubs many years ago. So I come from a musical background. I went on to study at Trinity College of Music in London for 3 years taking the highest level of performance exams and then did a year post-graduate at University of London Goldmiths College to qualify in teaching secondary school music teaching.

I taught in a large and vibrant music department for 9 years where there were 3 music teachers. We had our own ‘Rock Band’ and each us was expected to arrange music for it. If we had 2 triangles – they would each have a part. There was always a lot going on.

When I came to NZ I did relief teaching and a lot of piano teaching at home and also keyboard teaching at the local high school. After a period of teaching English as a second language in Auckland I’ve returned to teaching piano and keyboard, including Marshall Laing school which I very much enjoy.