Details Price Qty
Violin Lessons (After School from Term 3 starting 23 Julyshow details + $108.00 (NZD)   Expired
Violin Lessons (Saturday Mornings from Term 2)show details + $120.00 (NZD)   Expired
Violin Lessons (Saturday Mornings)show details + $160.00 (NZD)   Expired
Violin Lessons (After School - Group)show details + $108.00 (NZD)   Expired
Violin Lessons (Individual - one on one)show details + $210.00 (NZD)   Expired
Violin Lessons (After School - Group) Term 1 Starting 5 Marchshow details + $60.00 (NZD)   Expired
  • Violin 2019
    February 9, 2019 - December 14, 2019
    8:30 am - 12:30 pm

Saturday Morning and Tuesday After School VIOLIN Classes are offered!

Tutors for 2019 are Rebecca Lee Anne Filimoehala and Jasmine Pickston

The violin is the smallest instrument of the stringed instrument family, and has the highest pitch. Violins have four strings. Occasionally, five string violins are used, especially in jazz music. The violin is sometimes informally called a fiddle, regardless of the type of music played on it. The violin, while it has ancient origins, acquired most of its modern characteristics in 16th-century Italy, with some further modifications occurring in the 18th and 19th centuries. Someone who plays the violin is called a violinist or a fiddler. The violinist produces sound by drawing a bow across one or more strings (which may be stopped by the fingers of the other hand to produce a full range of pitches), by plucking the strings (with either hand), or by a variety of other techniques. The violin is played by musicians in a wide variety of musical genres, including Baroque music, classical, jazz, folk music, and rock and roll. The violin has come to be played in many non-western music cultures all over the world.

Learning the violin can lead to wonderful opportunities for aspiring young violinists. Orchestras always require a large number of violins. The violin is considered to be the ‘King’ of instruments, and also the most difficult to master. Be prepared for a lot of practice if you wish to be a good player. The violin is the closest instrument to the human voice. You must also have, or be prepared to develop, a good ear for music.

We are unable to hire Violins. We suggest hiring or purchasing from KBB music or another local store. Speak to our office about options or find further details here Instrument Hire.

After School Lessons: Each lesson is 30 minutes in length. We offer group and individual lessons on Tuesdays. Group lesson have a maximum of 3 per half hour lesson.

Class Times: Tuesdays between 3.30pm and 6.00 pm.

Saturday Lessons: Each lesson is 45 minutes in length and can accommodate up to six students per class.
Class Times: Saturday mornings between 8.30 and 12.30 pm.

Level 1 and 2 classes are available early morning (8.30, 9.15), mid morning (10.15, 11.00) or late morning (11.45)

Level 3 and 4 classes please check with the school supervisor for specific times as this will depend on numbers enrolled.

Please put your preferred time in the additional information field on the registration form. (e.g prefer early morning)

Once enrolled, the music school supervisor will allocate an appropriate time according to ability & level.

Class Dates: Classes run for all four school terms – see 2019 calendar for dates

Minimum age: 6 years old

Music Books are available for purchase at the school office.

A Flying Start For Strings Book 1 – $25.00

A Flying Start For Strings Book 2 – $25.00

A Flying Start For Strings Book 3 – $25.00

Violin Book ‘All For Strings Book 1’ – $20.00
Violin Book ‘All For Strings Book 2’ – $20.00
Violin Book ‘All For Strings Book 3’ – $20.00 After enrollment, please see the Supervisor or the class teacher about which music book is right for your child’s class and level, so that you can buy the right one.